Third Annual Driving for Kids Rally - September 22-24, 2018

A summary by Norm Balvin

Bill and I have completed our odyssey of noble intentions and questionable methods as part of Driving For Kids in support of the Roundup River Ranch. I am proud and grateful to say that with the support of our wonderful families, friends, and gullible acquaintances, we raised over $1,600 for this Worthy Cause. We even got an award for raising the third most money (actually the fourth most, but the organizer abstained from the tally) of the 15 teams. As a group we raised over $35,000, and presented one of those Big Checks like they use for the Publisher's Clearinghouse to the officials at the Ranch. For those who didn't manage to donate, our Team Sidewinders Crowdrise donation website at is still open until the end of October. Please donate, it's not too late!
We spent three days and drove about 670 miles in the glorious mountains of Colorado in the fall. We had beautiful, sunny, and unseasonably warm weather with highs near 80 degrees, a true blessing considering that Bill's Westfield (Lotus) Super 7 Replica has no permanent doors, windows, top, or even a heater. We did discover on the last day that the tiny windshield wipers actually work! Bill's wife Becky and my wife Jeanne followed in Becky's Honda Pilot, providing our own personal support vehicle. They dispensed sunscreen, cold drinks, articles of clothing, encouragement, sympathy, or derision as required. Thanks girls!

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