Registration and Participant Info

The entry fee for each team is $75 which supports the infrastructure of the run: things like the magnetic rally logos or clings the cars wear, the route guides, badges, and the cost of promoting the run itself like mailing, the web site, etc. Each two person team pays for its own expenses, so figure 800 miles worth of fuel, hotel rooms for 3 days, and meals for 4 days. You will pay your own expenses so you can be as lavish or frugal as you choose. The hotel rates we have negotiated are very favorable and you will book them directly (note that the rate on the registration form is for two nights lodging).
AIn addition, this year we will be participating in the Telluride Cars and Colors Festival which charges a fee for participation. However, instead of a regular Saturday Single Day Ticket ($125 Per Person Retail) the fee per car will only be $50 until March 15, 2021 for two people which includes:
Access to all Festival Venues for Saturday (9/25/2021) Including the British Concours on the golf course (10a-3p), the Motorcycle Concours (10a-3p), the Pancake Breakfast at the Telluride Airport (8a-9a), the Air Show (10a-11a SAT), and the great Cool Cars on Colorado (10a – 3p). The Saturday Single Day Ticket also includes the Saturday Night Hangar 29 British Invasion Airport event (6p-8p) and the presentation of the British Concours winner.
Check page two of the attached registration form to see if your payment for last year can be rolled over for this year and use the link listed in the form to register.
For more information on the Telluride Festival of Cars & Colors, please visit: or call Christine at: 720-936-3689.
These are the participant costs.
Additionally, we have set a goal of each team to raise $500 for our partner charity, Roundup River Ranch. The $500 number is a goal, not a requirement. Some will raise more, some less. Hopefully every team will be able to contribute something to this worthy cause, so it's all good. All donations are 100% tax deductible and go 100% to the charity. The money you raise or contribute won’t have one penny deducted from it.

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