Driving for Kids

Join Us on America’s British Reliability Run, Colorado Style

Begun in 2002 by Blake Discher of Detroit and based on similar events in the UK, America's British Reliability Run is a fun, but challenging, driving event of about 600 miles. Drive on great roads through beautiful countryside in the company of fellow British car hobbyists, and all for a good cause. These runs have so far raised more than $350,000 for worthy children's charities. Our Colorado version will follow this format this coming September.

The Driving for Kids isn’t a race, nor is it a high priced exotic car rally like the Colorado Grand. It isn’t so posh and formal. Not “Grand” it is merely “Good” and being for British cars makes that “Bloody Good”. The run is conducted on public roads at posted speeds: there are no checkpoints or deliberately vague, misleading or trick instructions. Teams travel in groups, take care to keep the cars together and make group stops. Driving for Kids is a fun weekend with fellow owners of old British cars plus a few that fit the spirit of “Motoring” as opposed to the “mad dash to get there” and who want all the camaraderie/security that comes with such a group.

The Charity

Remembering Paul Newman 10 Years Later

Our charity of choice, Roundup River Ranch is a medically-supported camp for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. At camp, the children can just feel incredible, no matter what illness they’re battling. The focus is on fun, not their conditions. Most importantly, they are given an experience that energizes their spirits, allowing them to simply enjoy the fun, games, and joys of childhood – all free to campers and their families.

Roundup River Ranch is part of the SeriousFun Children’s Network, a global community of medical specialty camps founded by Paul Newman. He believed that kids with serious illnesses needed a place to “kick back and raise a little hell.” And we couldn’t agree more. This community of camps and programs are committed to serving children with serious illnesses and their families. Each is independently financed and governed but all camps share similar philosophies and visions. Roundup River Ranch is located in Gypsum, Colorado, on 125 picturesque acres in the Rocky Mountain wilderness. There, children and families from an 11-state region experience the magic of camp through Summer or Family Programs. At the Ranch, campers build lasting friendships, memories, and skills that provide a new outlook on life.

If you want to know why we picked Roundup River Ranch to be the beneficiary of our fundraising efforts just check out this five minute video!

Want to know what makes Roundup River Ranch so extraordinary? They make campers with serious illnesses feel like ordinary kids. Giggling, laughing, conspiring, arrow-shooting, horseback-riding, craft-creating kids. They help campers and their families enjoy the gift of extraordinarily joyful moments, lasting friendships, newfound courage, and memories that remain long after the last s’more is devoured.

For more information check out their website: http://www.roundupriverranch.org/