Driving for Kids 2020 - The Route

We have a new format this year due to three problems created by the Covid virus. The Roundup River Ranch is not open for the kids, the organizers of the Telluride Cars and Colors Festival have cancelled their event and we need to protect our participants. This led us to plan a loop route with a single lodging place for both nights to minimize exposure while having fun driving some of Colorado’s best roads.

While details will be forthcoming in the route book, the general route looks like this:

Day One, Saturday September 26th:

Depart from Hagerty Insurance in Golden, CO, or the Garden of the Gods Trading Post in Colorado Springs, depending on which is closer to your home. After a light breakfast and an orientation meeting, drive west to Buena Vista to our rendezvous and lunch stop in the park. After lunch, we cross the Continental Divide on Cottonwood Pass to Gunnison for our rest stop then drive east on US 50 for a short bit. We then proceed south on a past favorite, CO 114, over North Cochetopa Pass, through Saguache with another rest stop and on to our dinner and overnight lodging in Monte Vista, CO.

Day Two, Sunday September 27th:

Depart about 10:00. In a Driving for Kids first, we will do a “Cloverleaf” route which will begin and end at our lodging in Monte Vista. We will traverse the North Cochetopa Pass the opposite way we did the day before and you will find it completely different, but no less enjoyable. After a rest stop in Gunnison we will head west on US 50 to the Blue Mesa then turn south on CO 149 to Lake City and our Lunch stop. We continue south over Slumgullion Pass to a rest stop in Creede and, then on to South Fork and back to Monte Vista. While this is a loop, it might just be the finest loop of roads in Colorado! The route through Lake City and Creede may be the most beautiful scenery and road combination in the state.

Day Three, Monday September 28th:

Depart about 9:30 on US 160 to US 285 and our rest stop in Saguache, then on to our lunch at a neat spot by the river in Salida. After lunch, the Denver folks head north on CO 291 to US 285 and on to a rest stop at Johnson Village and continue on US 285 all the way to Denver and home while our Colorado Springs folks will head east on US 50 through the Arkansas River Valley and then through our favorite Teller County roads to Colorado Springs and home.
That will finish the Fifth annual Driving for Kids Run. You can be proud that you were with us for the most recent edition of this great event. See you next year!

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